Help us Raise Funds to Honour Canada's First Black Lawyer

Abraham Beverley Walker was Canada’s First Black Lawyer. He was a champion of race equality, an academic, a journalist, and a trial lawyer. Yet, 
today, he rests in an unmarked grave in Saint John, and that is not right. PRUDE Inc. and its friends are working to commemorate Abraham Beverley Walker by restoring his grave site and also placing a plaque in his memory at the Saint John Law Courts. Will you help? You can support this 
cause by donating directly to the PRUDE Inc. A cheque to PRUDE Inc. generates a charity receipt; the reference on cheques should be “Walker Fund”; Send e-transfers to donation@prudeinc.org (PRUDE Inc. generates a charity receipt); or by PayPal at: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=PDSHCJUHES3W8

A Short Glimpse of Mr. Walker’s Career

New Brunswick-native Abraham Beverley Walker, the nation's first Canadian-born Black lawyer, was born in 1851 in Kars Parish, New Brunswick. Educated on the Kingston Peninsula, his drive and determination saw him learning the art of shorthand, which he used to earn a living before accepting a clerkship in the law office of George Gilbert. In 1881, he was admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of New Brunswick and opened a law office on Princess Street in Saint John.

Although a man of well-documented intelligence and recognized legal proficiency, Walker's prospects were nonetheless diminished by the biased racial attitudes of his time. The bigotry he faced in Saint John hastened his move to the State of Georgia. By 1892, however, he returned to Saint John, studied at the law school that would become the University of New Brunswick Law School, and took a job as the librarian for the Saint John Law Society. He died at his home on City Road in 1909.

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way of remembering the courage of Abraham Beverley Walker, Esq. Thank You!