Although her hometown--Quito, Ecuador--is the highest capital city in the world, Alexandra is enjoying life at sea level in Saint John, which is home to her now. Ever since she arrived in Canada, over a year ago, she has been learning about Canadian culture and volunteering with Prude Inc. 

As a proud Board member at Prude Inc., Alexandra contributes enthusiastically and positively with her expertise in the areas of strategic planning and project management. In the future she expects to have a more active role in Prude Inc.’s fundraising efforts.

Alexandra has previously worked for the Embassies of the UK, Japan and Canada in Quito, helping companies, organisations and educational institutions from these countries pursue their interests and navigate the Ecuadorean market. She is passionate about creating opportunities and connecting people. The common denominator of her jobs has been the possibility of contributing to a positive change in the lives of people through technical assistance projects, educational exchanges and development opportunities.

Although her background is in business, Alexandra is a librarian, baker and traveller at heart. Her favourite quote is “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” - Dalai Lama