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Our Story

PRUDE Inc. proposes to use the power of storytelling as the venue through which women can share their personal experiences and stories of barriers they face in their communities that impact their socio-economic prosperity.  


Storytelling helps to illuminate the past, present, and future. It lights up a pathway to inform decision makers of where policy changes are needed, in order to create a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse society. 


Based on these findings, a multidisciplinary committee will disseminate an action plan and formulate recommendations to advance the social and economic prosperity of women and girls in the greater Saint John area. PRUDE Inc. will collaborate with municipalities to implement the recommendations.


We will visit different  communities and invite women to participate in this project. 

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She arrived with her family to Saint John in December 2021. But it was difficult trying to restart her life here as she faced obstacle after obstacle. The only support she could find in the city was from PRUDE, Inc.

 "PRUDE, for me, has been what everyone expects from Canada. The lovely and warm side of Canadian life… Thanks for being the light in my darkest days."

Within a few months of her arrival, she had no other option than to return to her home country.

"The first barrier she faced in New Brunswick was the health system. She used to live in another Province, where she got her Medicare in a few days. But here, just to submit her application she went three times to the office of Service New Brunswick and convinced the employers about her case. In her own words, finds this health system in NB very bureaucratic". 

She has been waiting for her Medicare for four months.