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Mister and Miss PRUDE Pageant

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In 2021, PRUDE Inc. marked its 40th anniversary as a non-profit dedicated to eliminating barriers of all forms while promoting diversity and inclusion in the community. To usher in the next 40 years of the organization, the Mister and Miss PRUDE Pageant 2022 was initiated in furtherance to the mission and  vision of PRUDE Inc. through an ambassadorial approach to leadership. It involves the active participation of community members who are passionate about ending injustice, discrimination, and bias at all levels.

The contestants will be judged on current affairs, self-confidence, personality, and leadership qualities. The first place winners in both categories will emerge as PRUDE Goodwill Ambassadors and support humanitarian, charitable projects in their communities during their term. Their goal will be to promote a cohesive, inclusive, and diverse community.


- The contest is open to New Brunswick residents between the ages of 17 - 50

- Contestants must be involved in the community

- Contestants must have at least one active social media account

- Contestants with visitors status are not eligible to participate


Work Commitment

PRUDE Goodwill Ambassadors are tasked with the responsibility of promoting a cohesive, inclusive, and diverse community within the province. The ambassadors are required to carry out a humanitarian project in line with the UN SDGs during their one year tenure by fundraising towards a goal. They are expected to share their views on issues affecting the community especially in areas relating to discrimination, bias and inequality.



As PRUDE Goodwill Ambassadors, Mister and Miss. PRUDE will each receive prize. Tune into our prize.



To Apply

● The online application will open Monday, January 31, 2021, and closes Saturday, April 30, 2022, at 11:59 pm.

● Fill out the application form

● Upload two photos of yourself (one headshot and one full length in format .png ). Indicate your name on the photo file.

● The contest questions will be sent to all participants after all the application forms have been received.

● All participants will be required to attend a Zoom conference for a briefing/Q&A session.


Other considerations


● Miss and Mister PRUDE will be selected by our Nomination Committee according to the criteria set out above.


Award ceremony

The virtual ceremony will take place on Saturday,  June 25th, 2022 at 5:30 pm via Zoom