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The Diversity Awards

Every year we acknowledge employers, community leaders, youth and educational staff for their efforts in creating inclusion and diversity acceptance.  Be a "Diversity Champion".

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Bridging Cultural Diversity Training

This training is offered to any level of your business who wish to gain a better understanding of the importance of inclusiveness, communication and teamwork in their professional and personal lives.  

It is especially for managers and HR professionals who wish to attract and retain new talents. 

For businesses to be successful in this era of globalization, it is vital to hire and retain top-performing employees.  One key element to having a competitive advantage is acquiring an open and inclusive work culture. Conventional wisdom suggests that employees will work to their maximum potential and push themselves to achieve more when they can be themselves and are comfortable in the workplace. According to Catalyst’s Inclusive Leadership: The View From Six Countries report, employees become more innovative when they feel more included. 

What does the workshop include?

- Defining Culture

- Immigration Population Growth Trend 
- Acquiring cultural and inclusion awareness

- Communicating Effectively  
- Teambuilding  

- Learning practical tips and strategies

“The Saint John Vito’s Under 18 AAA hockey players, coaches and administrators were truly impressed and impacted by PRUDE Saint John Inc.’s Cultural Diversity Workshop.  Historically, hockey hasn’t been a very diverse sport, and that’s a problem.  PRUDE’s training program was an engaging and educational way to rethink the way that we treat each other.  For team sport athletes, being respectful, tolerant and cooperative with people of all races, genders, religions and backgrounds is essential – not only as players, but more importantly as members of our community.”


Kelly VanBuskirk, Saint John Vito’s Under -18 AAA Hockey Program. 

Living Culture

Living Culture is the unique part of the presentations. Usually, newcomers are invited to talk about specific topics that will benefit both your studies and your mindset. Providing an alternative perspective on topics, you’ll benefit from their different thinking and immersive discussions. As a guest speaker, they plant the seeds by sharing their real stories. Those stories have almost an instant impact on the audiences. 

Learn to better understand our diverse community.