Community Presentations & Workshops

PRUDE Inc. offers a variety of cultural awareness workshops including Respecting Differences: Challenging Our Assumptions & Examining Stereotypes, Cultural Diversity in the Workplace, Black History presentations, and arranges several yearly gatherings celebrating and sharing cultural diversity, as well as community panel discussions.


Our efforts to enhance cultural awareness and pro-inclusion currently takes place in the school system, community organizations, businesses, and various public institutions.

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Summer Programs 2016

It is easy to make false assumptions about the realities of refugee’s experience especially when the power is not held by people of refugee background.  Our coordinator has collaborated with community youth groups to bring refugee stories to life, and continues to do so today. 

We live in a world where the only interaction many people may get with the experiences of refugees is through a third party.  The information often comes from a filtered and biased point of view.  Rather than hearing second-hand what refugees go through, newcomers are invited to share their personal experience in a personal way.  Life sharing has the ability to break down social barriers and establish a connection between the giver and receiver. 

Milia Aidemouni from Syria was a guest speaker at a Youth Leadership Camp for students in Grades 6-9.  During the week the youth would develop[ a variety of life and leadership skills.  Appreciation for Diversity and Community Engagement was on the top of the list.


Cultural Diversity Training for Summer Staff of Leisure Services, City of Saint John NB


Sheri McAulay, Cultural Diversity Officer PRUDE Inc.; Reham (Syrian Newcomer) Essay Winner, Student Barnhill Memorial School, Erica Lane Community Coordinator Liason A.S.S.D.