We’re a team of thinkers, helpers, and trainers who find inspiration in movement, transition, and culture difference. We create special programs and events inspired by real people and true stories - designed for all races and ethnicities to grow in Saint John.



Learn to better understand our diversity community. 

Instilling Canadian pride, one newcomer at a time. 

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Building a better future through education.

Let PRUDE Inc. bring out your leadership potential.

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Make your workplace a great place!

Welcome newcomer who is between 16-30 years old to join our Dive into YSJ program. We provide you opportunity for community involvement. 

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These stories will be the foundation to formulate a set of recommendations for the municip

PRUDE Inc.'s goal with this project is to provide ALL WOMEN a venue to share their voices and their personal experiences of obstacles.

All voices matter! What's your story?


PRUDE was incorporated in the City of Saint John, New Brunswick, in 1981.  We are dedicated to the full participation of all cultural communities in the social, cultural, and economic fabric of mainstream New Brunswick life.


PRUDE focuses on Education of both newcomers and Canadian-born individuals, youth, communities, and businesses to foster welcoming and wonderful experiences for all.


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