The English For Youth Program

My name is David Elman and I am an ESL teacher. I currently work as the Owner-Operator of an English language school based here in Saint John. I have lived in several countries such as Canada, South Korea, and Japan where I have taught over 10,000 English lessons.  

I graduated from the University of New Brunswick (UNB) where I also received a Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) certificate. I have experience teaching in the classroom and online.
Most of my lessons are prepared with a communicative approach and visual presentations. I like to use photos, videos and also worksheets. I can develop my lessons depending on your level and interests. I enjoy having students from all ages and backgrounds!

My hobbies are playing the drums, photography, computer technology, hanging out with my two young sons and of course traveling!
See you in class - online!

David Elman taught me 20 years ago when I was just learning English at UNB Saint John and navigating her life in Canadian culture. I still remembers that David took a group of students to his home to see his drums and they listened to English music. In fact, I still has the burned CD of music that David gifted to me.


– Li Song, Manager Director of PRUDE Inc.. 

Special class for 16-29 youth newcomers.

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