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How to be a Canadian/

The Canadian Way

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Are you curious about Canadians and Canadian culture? If you are a permanent resident, you can come to our programs and share in the conversation and learn conversation skills. 

Our FREE activities are planned to educate and prepare newcomers for their new lives in Canadian society.
To register or learn more, please contact Cindy:


English Conversation Skills

This is not just an English class. Come and learn to comfortably express yourself to show anger the same as Canadians. Do you know how to say it in a subtle way? Is Canadian culture expressed sometimes as "I don't give a damn"? Come and join and find out how to communicate well. *Walk-in.

Lunch & Chat

Again, this is not an English class. Do you want to know what Canadians talk about while eating together? Bring your lunch and come in to eat with us.  *Walk-in.

Saint John Tours

Learn about hidden Canadian culture, life skills & living and working in Saint John. Join us as we go out and look at important heritage sites, architecture and places of interest.  *Registration required.

Make Friends

Come to meet people and to see if you can find some new friends here that make you feel at home in Saint John.    


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Community Connections

We read stories about Canadian culture, politics, history and current events. Discuss vocabulary and meanings. Be able to join in your new community by understanding the culture. *Walk-in.

Thank you for your participation and energy to share your culture with us. We believe you are the future of Saint John, Canada.

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