We are hiring a Youth Program Officer

Updated: Mar 9

Program Officer – Youth Development Team

PRUDE Inc. is looking for a Program Officer to play a vital role in the implementation of the Dive into YSJ Immigrant Youth Canadian Experience program. This program will support, encourage, and lead community connections and social networks for recent immigrant youth members trying to join local Canadian life through facilitated learning and hands-on experience.

The Program Officer position is a full-time position requiring 35 hours/week. May require work during weekends and evenings. It requires excellent interpersonal, cross-cultural communication and project management skills for virtual and in-person contacts and conversations. The person will be required to develop the program, recruit clients and work well independently as well as with a supportive team. It requires a maturity, sensitivity and leadership skills. Day-to-day tasks will be executed in collaboration with several team members and other community groups. This position is part of a multi funded program, and the program officer will lead the curriculum through a continuous journey of