Prude Inc.’s Reopening


Through the past 3 months, PRUDE Inc.’s staff and board have been hard at work. Through working from home, we have helped to assemble a COVID-19 taskforce, began our online classroom programming, and have been busy planning the new 2020 programming for Newcomer Women and Youth. But it has not been all about programming. We have remained in close contact with our clients, or partners and sponsors, our funders, and the community at large to do what we do best: help and support one another, working to sustain an environment of diversity, equality, respect, and inclusiveness.


On June 1, PRUDE Inc. staff will be returning to the office. While we will not be taking in-person clients at this time and the classroom to be reopened at a later date, we are excited to get back. Management and staff members have been working together on how to get our staff return to work as safely as possible.


We have already involved the staff members and board members in taking steps drafting protocols for our team. We also continuously highlight and discuss the latest updates subject to the Public Health and WorkSafeNB COVID-19 general guidance. 


There has been some innovative programming put into place to serve our clients and community since the start of the COVID-19 shutdown. We will continue to address the challenges that may arise in reopening discussions and internal protocols (e.g. programming changes under COVID19, flexible working hours, rotating schedules, how to receive clients in the office, guidelines on group work, meeting space, etc.). 


Our reopening plan will follow provincial and regional guidelines: Referring to Re-opening & Recovery of New Brunswick – A Guide for Businesses & Organizationsnew-normal policy from the Saint John Chamber; New Normal Policy, subject to the Public Health and WorkSafeNB COVID-19 general guidance in NB and social distancing measure of 2 meters; and Mental Health awareness measures:


We are here for our community. As we move into the Yellow Phase of New Brunswick’s COVID 19 Recovery Plan, PRUDE will continue to take protective measures for our staff, volunteers, and clients, including sanitization and social distancing measures. We will be in continuous contact with our clients, board members, volunteers, partners, supporters, and sponsors by phone and email. We are looking forward to returning to the office and continuing to serve our community!