Stay and Grow

Our Stay and Grow program, as the name implies, is meant to help people--longtime Canadians and newcomers alike--develop and maintain a passion for Saint John. The program includes guest speakers, lunch and learns, speed meetings, pen pal and outdoor activities. It is a platform for those passionate about promoting Saint John and increasing its population. Come and connect with us! 

David Dobbelsteyn, the Population Growth Manager at City of Saint John, promoted our city to international students, as he was an immigrant himself who came to Saint John, stayed and now passionately works on increasing the population of our city. He mentioned that the numbers of bars and restaurants have been increasing over the last few years and is one of the reasons we love Saint John. David is also positive that international students will stay in NB as we have many employment opportunities to offer after their graduation. We are concentrating our efforts to build a diverse and inclusive community. #AtlanticStudyandStay #stayandgrowsj

Get passionate about Saint John!