The Workplace Bias Recognition Program

The world is a diverse place... it's always been so. Over the past few decades, many employers have sought out or instituted unconscious bias training 


Creating Against The Odds
with ANNMARIE MORAIS, co-creator
of the CBC/BET television series
"The Porter"

programs to reform hiring, retention and promotion practices that were put in place at a time when true diversity and inclusion was not a priority. Employers now recognize that decisions made without diversity in mind may contain biases that might adversely affect the company's reputation and bottom line.

To that end, PRUDE's Workplace Bias Recognition program heightens participants' awareness of workplace bias by highlighting the different types of bias and offering real-world solutions to help correct the issue. Our program—delivered in a collaborative, sometimes humorous style designed to engage participants and put them at ease—helps improve the bottom line by encouraging employers to examine their hiring, retention and promotion criteria to pick candidates who are truly the best "fit" for both the job and company.

We thank the Department of Canadian Heritage, Government of Canada and Port Saint John for funding our program. PRUDE's Workplace Bias Recognition program is being developed, and will be implemented, in our Saint John community until March 2022. We encourage employers, HR professionals, field experts, and cultural organizations to get in touch with us.

For more information, please contact Damon Levine, PRUDE Program Developer/Facilitator, at or 506.634.3088.

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