43 years transforming lives and supporting newcomers in our community

PRUDE Inc. is dedicated to the full participation of all cultural communities in the social, cultural,
and economic fabric of mainstream New Brunswick life.

Our Six-Year Impact

At PRUDE Inc. we are a team of thinkers, helpers, and trainers who find inspiration in movement, transition, and cultural differences. We create special programs and events inspired by real people and true stories – designed for all races and ethnicities to grow in Saint John.

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Newcomer Programs

Focus on building and developing Newcomer Community Connections

Training Programs

Focus on developing and delivering trainings in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Community Project

Focus on collecting stories and reducing barriers for Women who are facing challenges in the Greater Saint John area.


I would say it helps me to create my own world in this unknown world. It builds my confidence; it helps me to know where I stand. Yes, I have fear at the same time, but I know how to deal with that and say what I need.

Meesha Mahjuba

The first barrier I faced in New Brunswick was the health system. I used to live in another province, where I got my Medicare in a few days. But here, just to submit my application I went three times to the office of Service New Brunswick and convinced the employers about my case. I find this health system in NB very bureaucratic.


Become A Volunteer

PRUDE volunteer/internship program is one of the important way to engage our community. Through partnership with different organizations, PRUDE is strive to create different opportunities to match people’s skills and interest. Networking and promoting different cultural are main purpose of the program. Training volunteers/interns to be ready for their Canadian career is another goal for this program. Welcome to apply our opportunities for you or your family.

Support Us

Any type and amount of gift is greatly appreciated and will be used to continue our work to promote Diversity and Inclusion within the Greater Saint John community.

​PRUDE Inc. is a charitable organization that focuses on the education of both newcomers and Canadian-born individuals, youth, communities, and businesses to foster welcoming and wonderful experiences for all.

​PRUDE Inc. stands for Pride of Race, Unity and Dignity through Education. We aim to educate our community on the harmful effects of racism and discrimination of all forms.

​The staff and board of PRUDE Inc. would like to thank you for all your support. In light of current events, our community has rallied and more people than ever have been reaching out to us and offering support through time, talent and donations.

Image Consent

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