Young Ambassadors Leadership Initiative (YALI)

The Young Ambassadors Leadership Initiative aims to unlock the potential of young newcomers, empowering them to become leaders who positively impact their communities and achieve success in all aspects of their lives.



The Young Ambassadors Leadership Initiative (formerly known as The Dive Into YSJ Immigrant Young Adults Empowerment Program) is a dynamic program dedicated to empowering young newcomers aged 16-30 to become influential leaders and catalysts of change in their communities. The initiative is specifically designed to foster their successful integration, enabling them to achieve personal, educational, and professional success. Through a comprehensive approach, the program offers a series of impactful activities, including 8-week leadership workshops, year-round training, leadership summits, tours, and volunteering opportunities, all aimed at equipping the young leaders with essential life skills.

The Young Ambassadors Leadership Initiative aims to unlock the potential of young newcomers, empowering them to become leaders who positively impact their communities and achieve success in all aspects of their lives.

Program's Vision

Our vision is to empower and inspire young adults of diverse backgrounds, equipping them with leadership skills, cultural competence, and a strong sense of social responsibility. Through our program, we aim to create a generation of confident young ambassadors who contribute to their communities, bridge gaps,and build bridges between cultures and communities.

Program's Mission

Our mission is to provide participants with the tools and resources they need to overcome barriers, drive positive change in their communities, integrate successfully, and achieve personal, educational, and professional success through a supportive and inclusive network.

What We Can Do For You

Participants engage in a structured and interactive curriculum focused on developing leadership skills, fostering self-confidence, and promoting effective communication. The workshops will be held in two cohorts, twice a year and will cover diverse topics such as goal setting, communication, advocacy, teamwork, public speaking, conflict resolution, and project management.
Beyond the 8-week workshops, participants have access to ongoing training and mentorship, ensuring continuous growth and development. The program provides resources, webinars, and networking opportunities to expand their knowledge base and stay connected with a supportive community of peers and mentors.
Regular leadership summits bring together program participants, alumni, community leaders, and subject matter experts. These events provide a platform for learning, collaboration, and inspiration, where young leaders can share experiences, exchange ideas, and gain valuable insights from established leaders in various fields.
The program offers organized tours to local and regional institutions, businesses, and community organizations, providing participants with a broader perspective and exposure to different industries and sectors. Additionally, volunteering opportunities are integrated into the program, encouraging participants to actively contribute to their communities and develop a sense of civic engagement.

Who Do We Speak To?

Newcomer young adults aged 16 to 30 (Permanent Residents only)

Our Six-Year Impact

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About Program Coordinator


Ogorchukwu Ugolo

Ogorchukwu  Ugolo is the  YALI Coordinator at PRUDE Inc.

She graduated from NBCC with Advanced Diploma in Human Resources Management. She also holds a Master of Public Administration Degree and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Language and Literary Studies.

Before moving to Saint John, she has been a Certified Transformation Life Coach and has coached and mentored youths to achieve their potentials and greatness in Kenya for  over a decade. Prior to living in Kenya, she worked in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria where she handled procurement, human resources welfare and logistics. She is passionate about her goal and what she does with particular interest in shaping the minds of teenagers, youths and their parents to reach a state of self-awareness that assist them to overcome limiting beliefs and other negative mindsets inimical to self-development and societal progress.

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