Black, Asian, all races matter

About PRUDE Inc.

P.R.U.D.E. - Pride of Race, Unity and Dignity through Education.

PRUDE was incorporated in the City of Saint John, New Brunswick, in 1981. The organization is dedicated to the full participation of all cultural communities in the social, cultural, and economic fabric of mainstream New Brunswick life.
PRUDE Inc. envisions a New Brunswick where various ethnic and cultural groups work together to build on each other's strengths. The communication and understanding stemming from these connections will position New Brunswick as a choice destination for all Canadians and other ethno-cultural groups. Already a great place to live, with these hopes realized, New Brunswick could become the epitome of multicultural success in Canada.
PRUDE Inc. is open to all who support this message of cultural diversity, regardless of ethnicity, religion, age or gender, and works to sustain an environment of diversity, equality, respect and inclusiveness through its awareness programs.

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