BIPOC Project – Leonard


Bringer of laughter and positivity, Leonard has an optimistic point of view on the COVID related happenings of the past year. Uplifted by the support from community, coworkers, family, and the province, Leonard is hopeful that we can continue to adapt to change as it comes our way. A newfound introvert, Leonard finds support virtually, through connecting with coworkers, and friendly waves to neighbours. He has discovered a newfound love of working from home, having done so for 15 months. However, he noticed his coworkers experiencing fatigue from working from home, and now tries to lift their spirits to ease that tension. “Because a lot of people were going through a lot, I made sure that there were some jokes and funniness, and all of those things, to get away from all the sad stories we see on TV with regards to death and hospitalizations” he says. “My little contribution was to put a little bit of ease into the workplace, especially during meetings over Teams”. Most importantly, he calls for self reflection, especially during the peak of COVID. He says that COVID has made him question the purpose in life outside of work. By reflecting on the past year, Leonard has come to the conclusion that we must always be ready to accept and overcome change. “[COVID] made me realize that we should always be prepared to pivot” he says, emphasizing how unpredictable life has become.

Building a mosaic of experiences and the people behind them, BIPOC Stories Project is meant to capture the variety of human actions of resilience, and the depth of personal experiences. Capturing their pasts, presents, and futures, the BIPOC Stories Project is representative of an eagerness to listen, to improve our community, and to emphasize the rich diversity currently growing in our city. Sharing the beauty of an individual perspective, the BIPOC stories project aims to uplift and empower BIPOC voices, sharing their unique experiences with the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement. This project hopes to spread awareness about these distinct experiences, leaving the interviewee and reader alike feeling uplifted and heard.

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