PRUDE Inc. Youth Summit 2024


On Saturday, March 16th, 2024, PRUDE Inc. organized an impactful Youth Summit at Kent Theatre, led by Ogorchukwu Ugolo, the Young Ambassadors Leadership Initiative (YALI) Coordinator, along with YALI graduates. The event aimed to inspire and empower young individuals, fostering discussions on various pertinent topics and showcasing talent. 

The summit commenced with a land acknowledgment by Keerthana Satheesakurup, a YALI Alumni, followed by welcoming remarks from Robert Sancton, the Coordinator of PRUDE Inc.’s Come Together the Canadian Way (CTCW) initiative. The atmosphere was set ablaze with a mesmerizing saxophone presentation by David Ugolo. Mouhamed Idris Gueye, a Youth Mentor, then delved into the theme “Step Up :  Living Beyond Limitations,” igniting motivation and resilience among the attendees. 

The energy surged with an AfroBeats Dance performance by Aboom Nation, led by Prince Salim Ngoga, captivating the audience. A panel discussion featuring Maryam Mustapha, Zulaykha Asman, Daniel Ekweaga, Anjola Olawoyin, Paul Amana, and Alamin Adeleke who spoke about a time when they needed to overcome limitations they had set for themselves or others had set for them. They shared how they overcame those limitations and what inspired them to do so. They also discussed common limitations that some youth face today and provided insights on how to overcome them. Additionally, they offered advice to youths who are doubting themselves in the face of limitations.

The lively event continued with more AfroBeats dance, this time by Zulaykha Asman & Dami T. Olukoya, showcasing the vibrancy and talent within the community. The summit took a thought-provoking turn with a debate on “Social Media has done more harm than good” with both sides eloquently represented by Aditya Tiwari, Christabel Ugolo, Chioma Ezeonyejiaku, Oghenegare Ewubare, Snigdha Yerrabelli, and Zara Ekweaga, highlighting the complexities surrounding this modern phenomenon. 

Amidst the engaging activities, Dami T. Olukoya’s solo performance of “Rise Up” struck a chord, instilling a sense of hope and determination in the hearts of the attendees. The summit concluded with trivia and fun activities, fostering camaraderie and laughter among participants. 

In closing, Christine Eruokwu, the Newcomer Programs Manager, extended gratitude to all participants, PRUDE Inc. staff, Volunteers, and supporters emphasizing the importance of such initiatives in nurturing youth leadership and inclusivity. Ogorchukwu Ugolo, in the vote of thanks, reiterated the significance of collective efforts in driving positive change and encouraged continued engagement in community-building endeavors. 

The PRUDE Inc. Youth Summit 2024 served as a platform for dialogue, celebration of talent, and inspiration for the youth to strive for excellence and contribute meaningfully to society. As the curtains drew to a close, the echoes of empowerment and unity lingered, leaving a lasting impact on all who attended.

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