Newcomer Women Leadership Program

A six-week program to help newcomer women develop their skills & create community connections

  • Become an effective leader
  • Drive personal and professional growth
  • Boost your emotional intelligence
  • Unlock your potential
  • Overcome barriers
  • Navigate environmental challenges
  • Leverage your strengths


The Newcomer Women Leadership Program has broadened my knowledge of the environment, Canadian work culture and so many other things.

Yetunde Jadesola Adetona, Participant NWLP

The Newcomer Women Leadership Program has helped me be more aware of myself and make decisions without feeling sorry about my choices.


I would say it helps me to create my own world in this unknown world. It builds my confidence; it helps me to know where I stand. Yes, I have fear at the same time, but I know how to deal with that and say what I need.

Meesha Mahjuba

After this program, I believed in myself. I had a desire to learn and develop myself. Many people will benefit from this program.

Veronika Biloshkurenko

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