Student Essay Competition 2014-2015

Winning Essays

Another successful year of collaboration with the staff and students of Anglophone South School District. Once again the students that participated in the “I MAKE A DIFFERENCE” I.M.A.D. presentation were invited to submit an essay expressing their view on the value of Diversity in our community. This year’s winners are Lauren Ashfield, Rothesay Park Middle School and Valerie Robertson, Harbour View High School. Many thanks all who took the time to submit their essays. “Be the dead-end to assumptions and send those stereotypes and discrimination over a cliff”. – Valerie Robertson

1st Prize

Lauren Ashfield

“We All make assumptions in everyday life.Assumptions are known as the little voice inside your head telling you repeatedly things that are only guesses about passers by and friends and family, whether they’re kind or not. It whispers guesses about people’s religion, culture, language, social status and really anything else you are thinking about.

“I bet she’s not from here” it says.

“I don’t think he speaks English” it guesses.”
Worst of all it is constantly telling us things that end up putting others down.”

2nd Prize

Valerie Robertson

“I strongly believe workshops on assumptions, stereotypes and discrimination are valuable because many people just “assume” they know what they are. When really they do it everyday without realizing. I believe we all do whether we like to admit it or not. What do you do when you first meet someone? When you speak to someone over the phone? When you visit a new place? You may think you are just innocently admiring details but really you are making assumptions which lead to stereotypes and discrimination. Workshops help you see what you may not have seen before.”