Anyone of Us at Anytime Could Become A Refugee

Here are some easy games that we use to deliver the message of inclusion. They are not just for refugees, but also for other newcomers who moved here of their own free will. We welcome you to PRUDE Inc. to share your story and make your voices heard.


At PRUDE Inc., our mission is to create a more inclusive and welcoming community for everyone, regardless of their background or journey to Canada. We understand that newcomers, whether they are refugees seeking a safe haven or individuals who have chosen to move here, may face unique challenges and experiences. To foster a sense of belonging and encourage diverse voices to be heard, we have developed easy and engaging games that deliver the powerful message of inclusion.

Inclusivity is at the core of our work, and we believe that education can be fun and effective. These games serve as tools for breaking down barriers, promoting understanding, and encouraging individuals to share their stories. They are not limited to refugees; they are for all newcomers and community members who wish to connect, learn, and build meaningful relationships.

1. “The Welcome Mat”

In this game, participants create a symbolic “welcome mat” that represents their cultural background, experiences, and aspirations. They use art supplies, photos, and words to design their mats. It’s a creative way to express themselves and share their unique stories with others. By laying out their welcome mats, participants demonstrate their openness to connect and engage with people from diverse backgrounds.

2. “Cultural Bingo”

Cultural Bingo is a fun and interactive game that encourages participants to explore each other’s cultures. Each bingo square represents a cultural aspect, tradition, or experience. Participants engage in conversations, asking questions and sharing stories to complete their bingo cards. It’s a fantastic way to learn about different cultures and discover common ground among participants.

3. “Passport to Friendship”

In “Passport to Friendship,” participants create a personalized “passport” that highlights their journey to Canada, their interests, and their dreams. They exchange passports and ask each other questions, earning “stamps” for each meaningful interaction. This game emphasizes the value of understanding one another’s backgrounds and forming genuine connections.

4. “Cultural Exchange Storytelling”

This game encourages participants to share personal stories related to their culture, experiences, or challenges they’ve faced. Through storytelling, participants learn about the richness of each other’s backgrounds and gain empathy by understanding the trials and triumphs of their fellow participants.

These easy and enjoyable games are more than just activities; they are tools for building bridges between people from diverse backgrounds. They provide a platform for newcomers to share their experiences, for established community members to learn and connect, and for everyone to contribute to a more inclusive Saint John.

At PRUDE Inc., we believe that every voice deserves to be heard, and every story has value. We invite you to join us in the spirit of inclusivity, share your unique journey, and participate in these games that celebrate diversity and unity. Together, we can make Saint John a place where everyone feels welcomed, valued, and a part of the community.

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