Dive In!

What does it mean to Dive In – especially head-first? This phrase means that you are quickly putting all of yourself into a project or situation, particularly without giving yourself enough time to get nervous or back out!

That is the aim of one of our newest programs here at PRUDE Inc. We have recently launched a new program for permanent resident youth. Through the summer, we have already begun hosting outdoor activities, conversation circles (in person and online), as well as an online book club.

My name is Kieran Pridgeon. I am the Immigrant Youth Coordinator here at PRUDE. I am passionate about the power, intelligence, and determination of young people and the importance of diversity, integrity, and compassion as we make our community more welcoming and warm every single day – just by being a part of it. Through compassion, teamwork, and the coming together of young minds with new and interesting ideas, we can accomplish anything.

These are the goals for the Dive into YSJ: Youth Empowerment Program: to empower the newcomer youth of Saint John to follow their dreams and aspirations, to express their joys and passions, and to connect to themselves and one another. This program hopes to teach leadership skills, soft skills, creativity and creative thinking, and good entrepreneurship skills to encourage youth to chase their dreams, gain experience, and explore their community here in Saint John. We hope for the young people of this community to see the city as a beacon of acceptance, diversity, freedom, acceptance, and growth.

This after school program is open for PR youth ages 16-19, to prepare students for future studies, starting their career, opening their business, and following their passions. It will be a 6-week cohort featuring workshops, guest speakers, and conversation. Participants will receive a certificate for completion of the program, and as an extra incentive for participation, we will also have a little give-away for our active members and volunteers at the end of each cohort!

As the coordinator of this exciting new program, I would love to hear your thoughts and discover your needs for the program. Please fill out the survey below, and if you wish to register for the program, please fill out the registration form on our website here. Please register prior to September 29, 2020. There are limited spots available!

(Your information will not be used or shared outside of our organization. Once registered for the program, you are consenting to future contact with CIC.)

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