NWLP Cohort #10: Ascending to New Heights

On Friday, July 28th, the halls of PRUDE Inc. echoed with the triumphant stories of extraordinary women hailing from diverse corners of the globe. The occasion was none other than the graduation ceremony for the Newcomer Women Leadership Program (NWLP), marking the culmination of an intense six-week training journey. These women, exemplars of courage and tenacity, laid bare their paths to leadership—a narrative woven with unyielding determination, resilience against the odds, and an unbreakable commitment to their ambitions.

Amidst the palpable atmosphere of celebration, as certificates were presented, it became evident that these graduates were not just recipients of a parchment but bearers of a torch that cast light upon the trail for other newcomer women to follow. The NWLP, a journey of transformation and self-realization, has sculpted these women into empowered versions of themselves. Each chapter of their stories, punctuated by courage, resilience, and personal growth, is a beacon illuminating the path they’ve trodden. The collective accomplishments witnessed on this day are only a glimpse of the greater triumphs that lie ahead for each of these remarkable individuals.

In spite of the numerous hurdles they were confronted with, the sheer magnitude of their achievements shines brighter.  The NWLP graduates stand as a living embodiment of this sentiment, a testament to the potential that resides within and the heights that can be scaled through perseverance. As we reflect upon the journey these women undertook, the challenges they surmounted, and the growth they’ve achieved, we are filled with a profound sense of optimism for their futures. The ceremony was not just a conclusion but a commencement—ushering in a new chapter brimming with possibilities, accomplishments yet to be written, and the promise of a brighter future for themselves and those they inspire.

With immense pride and unwavering admiration, we offer our sincerest congratulations to the entire cohort of graduates. As they embark on this new phase of their journey, and integrate into the community, armed with newfound assurance, unyielding resolve, and an insatiable passion for catalyzing change, we wish them the best for the journey ahead.

Our hearts brim with appreciation for the dedicated team at PRUDE Inc., the invaluable volunteers, the families of our accomplished graduates, and every esteemed guest who graced the occasion with their presence. This expression of gratitude would remain inadequate without a special recognition for our esteemed guest speakers, whose generosity in sharing their wisdom has fortified the journeys of our NWLP participants and boosted our mission of empowerment and enlightenment.

#NWLP lies at the core of PRUDE Inc.’s mission — an illuminating leadership workshop designed to empower newcomer women with indispensable resources and toolkits, enabling them to not only navigate personal and professional spheres but to flourish within them. This transformative experience also forges profound bonds with peers and community members alike, amplifying the sense of belonging. Funded by the IRCC and proudly supported by RBC, the NWLP stands as a testament to the unity of purpose in propelling progress.

Should you be acquainted with any newcomer women poised to benefit from this program, we extend an invitation to them towards completing the registration form for the upcoming cohort scheduled for September 11th – October 20th, 2023. In the spirit of collective impact, together we can illuminate pathways of empowerment.

Explore the NWLP page for deeper insights into the Newcomer Women Leadership Program—a portal of possibilities awaiting discovery.

Article written by Jasmine D’Souza

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