Cheers To NWLP-Cohort #14 Graduates As They Celebrate A Milestone

PRUDE Inc. Staff in a group pose with the NWLP graduates and Rufina Ajalie (PRUDE Inc. Board rep.) and Councillor Paula Radwan

It was quite an inspiring milestone on Friday, May 3, 2024, as we celebrated alongside eighteen incredible women who graduated from the Newcomer Women’s Leadership Program (NWLP) led by Christine Eruokwu. It was an evening filled with pride, reflection, and the powerful stories of these remarkable leaders at the PRUDE Inc.’s premises where the event was held.

With diverse backgrounds and extensive professional experiences spanning various fields, each graduate shared their unique leadership journey and the transformative impact of the NWLP.  From insightful course content to forging invaluable connections with peers, business leaders, and community resources, these women emphasized how this program has not only enriched their personal and professional lives but also reshaped their perspectives on life as immigrants in Canada.

A cross-section of the NWLP graduates and guests at the graduation ceremony

During their time in the program, these incredible women had the opportunity to tap into a wealth of resources that have equipped them with invaluable skills and knowledge to navigate the challenges and opportunities of their professional and personal lives. From emotional intelligence to conflict resolution, mental health awareness to entrepreneurship, and employability skills, the self-paced online platform served as a rich repository of learning and growth.

But the learning didn’t stop there! Cohort #14 also had the privilege of engaging with remarkable guest speakers who generously shared their expertise and insights to inspire and empower our graduates. Let’s take a moment to highlight these exceptional sessions:

🔹 Councillor Paula Radwan expounded the path to fostering entrepreneurship and political engagement for community change.

🔹 Eleanor Austin of New Marketing Today demonstrated how to stand out and connect with the right employers and clients through her empowering session on optimizing branding strategies for employment success on LinkedIn.

🔹 Song Kim of PRUDE Inc. shared invaluable shopping hacks for newcomers and emphasized the importance of building a strong community network.

🔹 Sherry Dumont of the Work Room guided our graduates in crafting a competitive advantage by mastering the art of resume and cover letter writing.

Additionally, through PRUDE Inc.’s partnership with Lorraine Peters of The Development Academy, participants were exposed to a diverse array of topics ranging from first impressions and etiquette to presentation skills and customer service.

We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of this graduation ceremony, including our esteemed guest speakers and dedicated PRUDE Inc. staff and volunteers. Your support and encouragement have played an integral role in shaping the future of these leaders.

To our graduates, as you embark on your next chapter, may you carry forward the lessons learned and the connections made during your time with the NWLP.  We believe in your boundless potential and wish you nothing but tremendous success as you continue to invest in your personal and professional growth. Remember, every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow – seize them with courage and determination. 

As we celebrate the achievements of Cohort #14 graduates, we extend an invitation to you and other newcomer women who would like to benefit from the 6-8 week NWLP. The next cohort commences on June 1st, 2024. Interested individuals are encouraged to complete the registration form today and begin their own leadership journey through the NWLP.

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