NWLP Cohort 12 Graduation and Year End Event

On the evening of Friday, December 15, 2023, the Newcomer Women Leadership Program (NWLP) community came together to celebrate a significant milestone as families and friends of Cohort #12 joined the staff, volunteers, and NWLP alumni to honor the accomplishments of the Cohort 12 graduates. The event was not only a celebration of achievements but also marked a joyous reunion of all NWLP alumni. The atmosphere was electric, filled with heartfelt testimonials and inspiring stories of resilience, courage, and determination from the graduates. Among the esteemed guest speakers in attendance were Tekena Ikoko, Sherry Dumont, Lorraine Peters, Mat Savulescu, Li Song, Michael Sadavoy, and Rufina Ajalie, PRUDE Inc. Board representative.

Some of the Cohort 12 Graduates


Congratulations to the graduates of NWLP Cohort 13 – Cindy León, Hanna Bubnova, Keziah Akagwu, Nengi Awo, Nitzia Bethel Cano Rodriguez, Ojiugo Akpachiogu, Oluwaseyifunmi Alao, Olubukola Oladokun, Priscilla Ojeigbo, Paivi Ake-Badmus, Ruth Yowa, Suruchi Tiwari, Susana Rivera, Swapna Murahari, Tetiana Gulchuk, and Tetiana Saravelo. Your dedication, resilience, and commitment to personal and professional growth have been truly inspiring. As you embark on the next chapter of your leadership journey, may your newfound skills and experiences pave the way for immeasurable success. Your achievements are a testament to your hard work, and we eagerly anticipate the positive influence you will continue to have in the community. Heartfelt congratulations, and may your future be filled with continued growth, fulfillment, and prosperity.
NWLP Coordinator, Christine Eruokwu with Minal Swift and Faith Omo, the Comperes
A special acknowledgment goes to NWLP alumni Bridget Ibukun, Elizabeth Moncy, Margarita Moras, Chidinma Oshiokenoya, Song Kim, Faith Omo, and Minal Swift, a dedicated PRUDE Inc. board member, for their unwavering support and remarkable leadership at the event. We express our gratitude to Shane Cassidy for generously providing the Kent Theatre, a fantastic venue for the graduation ceremony for two consecutive years.
VIP Latin Dance Group
Our deepest appreciation extends to all the guests, volunteers, and the dedicated staff and interns of PRUDE Inc. whose relentless support and contributions played an instrumental role in the success of the event.
A Cross Section of Guests at the Event

A special note of appreciation to our funders, IRCC, and program supporter, RBC Foundation, for their incredible support throughout the years. The next cohort is already in session, thanks to the self-paced learning platform, launched recently, which provided a guided experience for learners.

If you or someone you know is interested in being part of the leadership program, complete the registration form today and begin your own leadership journey through the NWLP.
P.S: Photo credit: Song Kim and Hanna Bubnova

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