Some Art Works from ASD-S Students

Check out these cute drawings from some students who participated in our school presentations. Our former Diversity Education Program Coordinator Sheri McAulay kept them for years in the office and every time we look at them, they bring smiles to our faces.

Our school presentations enable students to build on past diversity-and-inclusion lessons. Our offerings encourage further examination of any stereotypes students may have, challenge their assumptions, and provide them with the tools they’ll need to develop a better understanding of the value of our diverse Canadian society and their role within it.

“[Diversity Education Program Coordinator] Gary [Flanagan]’s presentation on Cultural Diversity aligned perfectly with the Grade 6 Social Studies outcomes I was exploring with my students. It was a virtual presentation during January 2022 online learning, but thanks to Gary’s approach, students were engaged and enthusiastic about the activities”

–Charlene Dorcas, Teacher, Macdonald Consolidated School

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