BIPOC Project – Leonard


Bringer of laughter and positivity, Leonard has an optimistic point of view on the COVID related happenings of the past year. Uplifted by the support from community, coworkers, family, and the province, Leonard is hopeful that we can continue to adapt to change as it comes our way. A newfound introvert, Leonard finds support virtually, […]

BIPOC Project – Reem


Reem brings a fresh perspective to her interview, sharing how she navigated the pandemic from the point of view of a full time student and mother of three. Originally from Saudi Arabia, Reem, her husband, and their then 10 month old son immigrated to Canada in pursuit of a university degree in 2010, planning on […]

BIPOC Project – Erin


Introduction: Hailing from Beijing, China, Erin brings an open and honest vulnerability to their interview, discussing the highs and lows of immigrating to Saint John and beginning a new life here on their own. Erin is an excellent advocate for community, openness to new experiences, and kindness. They voice the challenges that they have overcome […]

PRUDE Inc.’s BIPOC Project – Kay


BIPOC stands for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Our project coordinator, Megan Paterson are interested in how members of the BIPOC community have been uniquely affected by the events of the past year, particularly pertaining to COVID and the Black Lives Matter movement. Check out her interview with Kay Kanyandula. Meet Kay: a newcomer, […]

BIPOC Project – Seun


Meet Seun, a believer in the good and the power of human love. Seun’s story is one of kindness and generosity, upholding that the individual has the power to make the world a better place. Approaching the past year as a newcomer, father, student, and business owner, Seun sees the world through rose coloured glasses. […]

BIPOC Project – Winluck


Building a mosaic of experiences and the people behind them, BIPOC Stories Project is meant to capture the variety of human actions of resilience, and the depth of personal experiences. Capturing their pasts, presents, and futures, the BIPOC Stories Project is representative of an eagerness to listen, to improve our community, and to emphasize the […]