Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering within your community, we offer many ways you can help. Please fill our Volunteer Application Form, and we will contact you shortly.


Office Admin Personnel


This individual will be the first person our customers interact with upon entering our office or speaking over the phone. This person is a crucial part of our organization and needs to be welcoming, dependable and self-motivated.


Living Culture Representative

Living Culture is the unique part of our training or presentations. Usually, newcomers are invited to talk about specific topics that will benefit both audiences' studies and mindset. 


Guest Speaker 

PRUDE Inc. is a team of thinkers, helpers, and trainers who find inspiration in movement, transition, and culture differences. We create special programs and events inspired by real people and true stories - designed for all races and ethnicities to grow in Saint John. So join us and share your knowledge.


Community Outreach

Every month, we will host different events for different purposes. You are welcome to join us to assist event coordinators.


Black Settlement Burial Grounds 

A parcel of land in Willow Grove was donated to PRUDE Inc. which contains a black burial ground dating back to the late 1700's. A three cross sculpture on the site (created and donated by W. (Victor) Wojcik) is a beacon to symbolize the struggle of all peoples. Every year volunteers are involved for periodic maintenance and repair.


UNBSJ Internship