What do you think of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality?

In our annual search for a champion of diversity, inclusion, and equality, PRUDE Inc. seeks to recognize those who have worked hard to make our community a fair and welcoming place. PRUDE Inc. cares about how others are treated and valued in their communities and wants to celebrate those who have made great strides to encourage diversity, inclusion, and equality in their personal and professional lives. As we celebrate these champions of change, it is also important to understand what diversity, inclusion, and equality mean.

Diversity is about cultivating, respecting, and accepting peoples’ differences. Diversity brings people with a variety of backgrounds together, making workspaces more productive, innovative, helpful with conflict resolution, and representing more people with different backgrounds and points of view. Creating a diverse workspace is similar to creating a mosaic. Like a mosaic, diversity shows how people are unique, highlighting different races, ethnicities, gender identities, abilities, religions, and sexual orientations.

Inclusion is the next step after diversity has been established. In short, inclusion is how we can make diverse spaces welcoming. While diversity is certainly important, it is also necessary that diverse spaces make everyone feel valued and included. When everyone feels welcome and appreciated, there are new opportunities to learn from each other, collaborate, and work effectively together.

Equality follows after inclusion and diversity. It involves providing equal opportunities for everyone while preventing people from being discriminated against. For example, an equal workspace would provide everyone with the same access to opportunities. Equality ensures that individuals, or groups of individuals, are not treated poorly because of their protected characteristics. Further still, equality helps those who are disadvantaged receive the tools they need to access the same opportunities as those around them. PRUDE Inc. hopes that, in celebrating efforts to make the community a warmer, kinder place, we will continue to see great strides towards diversity, inclusion, and equality.

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