Bridging Cultural Diversity Training

The focus of the Bridging Cultural Diversity Training series is to build “cultural competency” or “cultural Intelligence”, i.e. the ability to deal more effectively across cultural differences and take advantage of them to strengthen and enrich your organizational environment.

Program's Vision

Bring different worldviews to the workplace so that everyone is aware of the impact of their own culture. Give the ability to individuals and organizations to accommodate for cultural differences.

Program's Mission

Engage people in a way that they can freely talk, play games, eat and work together.

What We Can Do For You

Are you thinking of equipping your team with DEI knowledge? Our Fundamental Session focuses on cultural diversity, equity, behaviour identification, and awareness.

Are there any signs on your team that concern you? Our Teambuilding Sessions focus on communication styles, cultural personalities impact, and cultural differences regarding teamwork.

Yet since cultures, like people, have different personalities, we change certain behaviours through a cultural punishment/reward system are to fit into the green zone of that specific culture.This has a direct effect on how we work, both individually and with others, so this module will explore the issues of how cultural personalities impact on the process of recruiting, retaining and promoting culturally-different employees.

We can help different sectors such as Factory & Trucking, Customer Service, Social Services, Health Services, or Education organizations to take a further look at your hiring process to make sure it is set up to allow people with differences may still be perfectly suitable for.

We will examine human natural historic tendency, the equality movement etc. or help you to build associations for different groups to support.

A creative game session worth a thousand words.

Our game is essentially a self-reflective thought exercise that guides the participants through examining who they are as an organization and how they do what they do. Through the in-person/online games, we can bring you a live experiences of diversity community.

We also have role-play or real guest speaker to display you the different communication styles and gaps.

We have a pool of guest speakers who have different backgrounds and stories.They also can provide diverse food, performance for your specific events.

Who Do We Speak To?


Are you looking to expand your employee pool?

Have you considered the array of skills and knowledge our newcomers bring to the community?

PRUDE Inc. is your bridge to the valuable resources newcomer communities can provide.

Schools and Non-Profits

Have you got any newcomers in your schools?

Are you wondering how to approach parents who are new?

Have you been working with people who speak in a different language or accent?


Are you new to Saint John?

Are you looking to fit in?

Have you been working with people who speak a different language?


Have you prepared your team with diversity knowledge?

Have you considered learning how to manage a diverse team?

Have you already encountered a situation that can hurt your profitability?

Our Five-Year Impact

In this training, we highlight the importance of inclusiveness, communication, and teamwork in people’s professional and personal lives. The training is especially helpful for managers and HR professionals who wish to be successful in this era of globalization by attracting and retaining talents from diverse cultural backgrounds. Having an open and inclusive work culture gives any organization a competitive advantage.
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About Program Coordinators

Gary Flanagan

Gary has nearly 20 years of experience as a teacher, facilitator and presenter. He graduated from UNBSJ in 2007. Shortly after that, he worked as a substitute teacher in the Anglophone South School District for three years.

He has a great deal of experience working with newcomers from around the world. He worked at Saint John College where he taught Listening and Speaking, Reading and Writing to hundreds of International Students from numerous countries. He also worked at the YMCA as a Foreign Credential Recognition Officer, and later as a teacher of Level One English. In addition, between 2014 and 2018, he facilitated a program called “Money Matters”, where he spoke to people of all ages about banking, credit, budgeting and various other topics relating to financial literacy.

Gary currently works as the Diversity Education Program Coordinator at PRUDE. He delivers presentations to students of all ages in the local school district, on topics such as diversity, inclusion and stereotypes. He also speaks to adults in business and corporate settings as part of the Bridging Cultural Diversity program.

Lin Zhang

Lin moved from Xinjiang, China to Saint John, Canada. Xinjiang borders 8 the countries of Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. She grows up with the differences and multiculturalism.

7 years work experiences and MBA program continued to build her adaptability within a global village. And for a living, she help people and organizations build Cultural Competency, which is the ability to deal more effectively across cultural differences.

And she strongly believe that everyone can take advantage of culture intelligence to strengthen and enrich communities and organizational environments.

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Session was just a wonderful introduction for all of us to learn about some of the amazing people who have chosen to come and live here in Saint John and what their stories are and to sort of start exploiting all of those unconscious biases we have and those strange thought processes that we’ve developed all through our lives and start challenging them and challenging each other to think in new ways. So we are very thankful that PRUDE is able to come and start us on this new path.

At first you think oh this silly little thing or I don’t understand why we’re doing this but by the time you get to the end of it, there’s an actual point to it. You go through an exercise thinking in a position that you might not have thought before.

There are a lot of stereotypes and situations that people get the wrong idea about it was kind of nice to have some of those things cleared up.

Imperial Theater

How people look at things, how they talk, like just the diversity of everything. It was just amazing. It’s very informative.

The iceberg where you only see 10% of a person’s what they want to show and then there’s much more than 90% underneath to get to know and you don’t find that out, like you said, until you dive into the situation and really get to know the person, their culture, and where they’re from. I definitely find it’s very important and very useful in the knowledge for yourself. Everybody to learn about different walks of life in our community. Where I work for a non-profit organization, we see multiple walks of life come through our doors every day and it’s important to understand their culture, their needs, and what they like to be met with and respectful when they come to the door.

So I actually thought we had more refugees. so when I found out there were more skilled immigrants compared to the only 10% refugees that kind of shocked me a little bit cause I thought we did have more refugees.

Carleton Community Centre

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